Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

D Baker
Headstone of David Baker 1746-1790
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Warren S. Baker & Hannah M. Griffin
Their descendants and ancestors
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Greetings and Welcome

This site provides access to the genealogy research about the extended family of Warren and Hannah (Griffin) Baker from Hanson, Massachusetts.

Warren Baker is a descendant of Francis Baker and Isabel Twining first comers of the Cape. Hannah Griffin is from Holyoke. Her grandparents emigrated from Ireland in the 1840s.

There are family connections to Sweeney, Moreau, Outland, Riddick, Graves, Folger, Coffin, Chase and Gardner. This is my working hypothesis, the way I see it as of this moment. There may be mistakes. I welcome comments, corrections and enrichments.

Family members may contact me to request a signon and password to access the members only area. The public area excludes information about living individuals.

I compiled this information starting from the genealogies by Warren Sears Baker, Sr., Hannah Mary (Griffin) Baker and Carolyn Jane (Baker) Galambos. There are now 7,348 individuals 2,993 families 1,474 unique family names and 990 sources in my database. I try to validate and extend the information using public and propriety sources, e.g., Nantucket Historical Society, New England Historical Society, Google Books and Certain images are the property of, University of Massachusetts, Nantucket Historical Society or other internet sources that may be used for non-commercial purpose.

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